"Goodness + Positivity Roll Together"

This pretty much describes the energy and culture at BOUNCE Energy Balls. This inspiring and growing company started in Australia and the UK, but now has their U.S. headquarters in Bend, OR. Lead by the positive and beautiful, Paula and Andy Hannagan, BOUNCE makes the most DELICIOUS energy balls. Balls, not bars. They are the first "ball" in the bar market, and are making quite the impact with these wonderfully tasty, gluten-free, and non-GMO balls. 

We've had the absolute pleasure, this past month, to work closely with their team in designing a new trade show booth for the Natural Products Expo West show coming up in March. BOUNCE will be making a real presence at this show with the release of three new flavors of balls. 

Limited by space (a 10x10 booth is really a 8X10 and fills up fast), we've designed an environment that captures the energy of the "ball" with a unique layout for sampling and interacting. The BOUNCE Effect Cart (or "trolley" as Paula calls it, in her most lovely Aussie accent) will be a place for storage and sampling. The cart will allow them to get out of the booth, on to the show floor to share the BOUNCE deliciousness and message of, "GOODNESS + POSITIVITY Roll Together."

We really have loved working with the BOUNCE team. Positivity exudes from everything they do. We can't wait to go "balls to the wall" (insert all your balls lines/jokes here -- lots of that going on with this group!) in getting to work this coming month to make our designs a reality by delivering a "baller," kick-ass booth. Here's to, "Grabbing Life by the Balls!"