It's Like Breathing. . .

The last year has felt like an absolute blur. Between having another baby (our sweet baby Jack James), finishing our residential addition, keeping up with our very active almost three year old, and staying involved in building our growing business - life and everything surrounding has felt very full. 

This fullness has inevitably forced important details in running our business, like keeping up on social media, updating images on the website and blogging about new happenings, to the back burner. We recently had some friends visit from Portland who mentioned that they noticed we hadn't updated our website in a while. This friend said, "You've got to stick with it when it comes to updating your website. You've got to stay current and relevant. For businesses, it's like breathing." I haven't been able to stop thinking about this. He's so right. A little bummed and guilty for letting things go (It's been over a year since making a blog post on our site!), and disappointed that I haven't kept on top of this detail, I'm recommitting to this important part of our business. I'm giving breath to this again. So, in the spirit of getting back at it, I'm excited to share an exciting addition to our business. 

We've recently invested in growing our business by purchasing a CNC machine. This machine has the capacity to take our design and build options to endless levels. It's like we've hired two employees with this machine because it can be running and working in the shop while Ben is in the office working on the next design for our clients. Below is a picture of the machine running a custom shelving unit that Ben has designed. It's an exciting new step in our company.

Here's to breathing, investing, innovating and harnessing fullness!

With gratitude,