Dumpsters, and diggers, and tractors, oh my!

As I write this post, the humming sounds of a gyrating cement truck fills the air as it pumps out cement into the footings of our soon to be new workshop/studio space. It's been thrilling to watch the early stages of the construction process and to see the progression of what's been almost a year of planning, starting to come to life.   

The past month has had Connell Hull Company deep in construction mode. We've embarked on an addition project, where we'll be adding to our living space and creating a new workshop/studio space for Ben. The project has been intense at moments and seamless at others. Two things remain constant thus far -- First, my gratitude and awe for Ben's ability to manage not only work projects, but to be the lead in orchestrating and overseeing this project. And second, the joy of seeing all this through the eyes of a child. Having cranes, tractors, dump trucks, diggers, cement trucks, and an overall construction zone is the coolest, most entertaining thing for an almost two-year old toddler. Owen is loving all this action and has perfected his tractor soundtrack. Never a dull moment! 

Construction is slated to be complete by early September. Hopefully. Just in time for the arrival of baby boy number two. Again, hopefully!  

With much anticipation,